Feedback to some of our projects:

My wife has become a bus fanatic and is leaving the car at home.

Thanks for the bus timetables - you've got us out of our car now!

My daughter really loves the cycle routes - and I know when to get the bus to town as well!

The cost of bus travel is cheaper than I'd thought - by using a weekly saver it's actually good value, and I get the pleasure of being driven!

I've just used the train for the first time in 30 years!

The project seems to be very successful - I think it will change my travel habits, and hopefully others in the area too!

I've learned a lot, and am using the bus much more frequently now!

Society makes us lazy through personal convenience - but your information should make people realise that alternatives to the car can be just as convenient...
...if not more so!

Actually, it's vital - it's the most amazing idea to get people motivated!

We use the car a lot less now than we used to, and I love it!

I was very impressed with the people who contacted me - if they weren't so friendly and professional, I'd never have got involved.

It's a great incentive to get people using public transport - everyone should take part!

I've already started taking the bus or cycling to work - thanks to your information!

It's really a great idea combining information on ALL the different methods of transport and making people fully aware.

Everything you gave me was lovely - really useful... and the free gift was a nice surprise.

You've got my husband out on his bike again - well done!

Having the bus timetables has encouraged my whole family to start using the buses more frequently.

It's really good that the council are involved in this sort of thing - very positive.

How nice that you give us the chance to ask for help, rather than leave us to try and find everything on our own!

It's a well-organised pack of information and very user friendly - well done!

I'm really glad to have been involved in this!