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- Travel awareness publicity and education supporting a sustainable transport strategy in Europe -

TAPESTRY aims to increase knowledge and understanding of effective communication programmes or campaigns which support sustainable transport policies and encourage sustainable travel behaviour in Europe.

TAPESTRY is funded under the EU Fifth RTD Framework Programme. It is a three-year project which started in November 2000.

TAPESTRY brings together 25 partners from 12 European countries, ranging from local authorities and local public transport operators to national research agencies and leading researchers in the field of travel behaviour.

The project consists of 6 workpackages, one of which has been broken down further into 3 smaller workpackages. The research process will proceed according to the following steps.

Each case study belongs to a "cluster". This is a group of case studies which share common objectives. The three clusters are:

The case study clusters will develop, monitor and evaluate the use of travel awareness, communication, education and publicity measures in terms of their impacts on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of various target groups and organisations in different settings. TAPESTRY will assess their efficiency in terms of cost effectiveness, socio-economic influence and their contribution to long term sustainable travel patterns, as appropriate. Relationships between national and local programmes and the transferability of the findings to other sites or communities will be given particular attention.

The use of communication tools to support sustainable transport measures is an innovative and expanding area. Therefore, an important element of the project will be the development of new and effective ways to measure the success of awareness campaigns. In addition, TAPESTRY will aim to assess how communication tools can best be integrated into wider transport plans.

Links established with key networks, other related research projects and a large number of transport professionals throughout Europe will enable the TAPESTRY partners not only to disseminate the project's results, but also to receive input and feedback at key stages of the project.

More Information can be found on the TAPESTRY-Homepage.

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